The Metas Adventist School provides students with an environment that facilitates the nurturing of attitudes and expansion of potential. Students are motivated to learn new things every day, be it in the classroom or outside of it. Holistic education with an active focus on each and every child is central to what we propagate here at Metas.

Curricular activities are not just inspired by textbook content, but are boosted through research and the latest developments in the industry. As a student, you are provided with opportunities to enhance your subject knowledge as well as keep a track of the significant trends that are taking your field of interest by storm.

Blending in perfect sync with curricular activities and acting as an interest booster, co-curricular activities like Quiz competitions, debates and Excursions are frequently held by the school, thereby inculcating an inquisitiveness to learn better.

Students can avail the benefits of our sports facilities and make the most of the expertise that our PE and sports coaches have to offer. Cricket, volleyball, badminton and basketball are just a few to name, considering the fact that our students have achieved noteworthy accolades in other sports too.

Overall, when you become a student at Metas Adventist School, you are given access to a world of opportunities that will transform you as an individual and make you a better human being.