ICT-enabled Smart Classrooms

ICT classrooms have risen in prominence and have become important in imparting education to students while involving them holistically. We have invested in ICT and have integrated it into our teaching, while the teachers have been adopting active approaches to teaching. Some of the advantages of ICT classrooms include:

  • New learning models
  • Develop active classrooms
  • Encourage co-operative interaction and collaborative learning and group work

Computer labs

The School has two computer labs that are well-equipped with the latest in hardware and software. Computing has risen in importance over the years and it has been associated with important aspects related to various subjects and hasn’t just been limited to Computer Applications. Students are provided each with their own system during class and teachers go in-depth and explain the intricacies of the software is operated. Be it students from elementary classes just being introduced to computers or pupils from the higher secondary sections learning to program and code through Java, the School has the qualified expertise required to impart to-the-point and efficient computer education that will come in useful for those looking to explore academic options in the field of Computers.


Students will have access to a completely furnished library with a myriad of books available for reading and referencing. Syllabuses too have been modified with the Board adding additional references for students to acquire in-depth knowledge of the subject. It plays an important role in providing them with exclusive content about aspects related to the subject in study and makes the student more inquisitive to learn.


The School has CCTV cameras installed in the entry and exit points as well as in the classrooms and corridors. Any student, teacher, or staff can approach members from the administration with regard to any safety complaint and it will be sorted at the earliest